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Essence Injecteur Extracteur Outil - 1.9lt Pièce Numéro 6738 Par Mercedes 1.8 nrzjsb1535-Home

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Become a Member

BIPA is a vibrant association of ICT specialists who collaborate efforts and devise potential solutions to issues within the industry of technology.

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What is BIPA?

The Barbados ICT Professionals Association (BIPA) is the island’s foremost professional membership organisation for individuals and corporations whose primary focus is the expansion and development of ICT opportunities in Barbados and the Caribbean region.

ICT is an initialism for Information & Communications Technology. You can think of it as an extended synonym for information technology (IT), It pays homage to the convergence of IT with communications technology, and the pervasiveness of computing in concert with connectivity to communication networks, such as the Internet.

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Our Projects
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Internship Program
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As we continue to strengthen the ICT industry in Barbados it is vital to establish a creditable ICT designation; derived through Barbados’ local ICT working environment.

Pitch IT Caribbean
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BIPA has been urged to think more broadly and take the longer view in the development of Barbados’ ICT sector; along with facilitating the digital economy.

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Professional Growth
Get Involved

BIPA is the island’s foremost professional fraternity. As such the collective goals of the association can help guide the industry strategically to ensure effective use of ICT in Barbados.

Essence Injecteur Extracteur Outil - 1.9lt Pièce Numéro 6738 Par Mercedes 1.8 nrzjsb1535-Home

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Hiring Software Developers in the Caribbean
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Data Privacy Legislation in Barbados
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ICT to Enable Persons with Disabilities
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Our Partners
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Essence Injecteur Extracteur Outil - 1.9lt Pièce Numéro 6738 Par Mercedes 1.8 nrzjsb1535-Home

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The Internet continuous to have a tremendous impact not only have how we do business but also on how our society is shaped and continues to be shaped.

The recently held Barbados Internet Governance in July 2017 saw a panel of young Barbadians tell their story about how they are using the Internet and specifically social media to affect change within their communities and across Barbados.

As ICT professionals we encourage the wide use and adoption of such technologies as a force for positive change and therefore salute the Barbados Internet Governance initiate and the other work being down by our industry partners.

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Barbados Statistics
Barbados Population
Internet users
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Facebook Population
Prepaid mobile subscribers
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Post-paid mobile subscribers
Mobile Internet subscribers
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